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Daniel Measurement and Control - Liquid & Gas Ultrasonic Flow Meters
  • Easy to operate and maintain because they have no moving parts, Daniel ultrasonic meters use advanced Windows® based MeterLink software, setting the industry standard for real-time ultrasonic flow meter monitoring and making a wealth of diagnostic information readily available, such as alarms, flow profile, speed of sound, signal-to-noise ratio, transducer gain, digital waveforms and much more.

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 Daniel Senior Sonic Ultrasonic Flow Meter 3414Daniel SeniorSonic 3414 Four-Path Gas Ultrasonic Flow Meter
Designed for custody transfer applications, this next-generation four-path ultrasonic meter retains the field-proven SeniorSonic chordal meter design while significantly increasing sampling speed with new, more powerful Daniel 3410 Series Electronics. More information.
 Daniel Junior Sonic 3412 Ultrasonic MeterDaniel JuniorSonic 3411 and 3412 Gas Ultrasonic Flow Meters
Ideal for allocation and check metering, these next-generation one and two-path meters expand on the capabilities of the Daniel JuniorSonic meter by combining more powerful electronics with a single bounce design to ensure accuracy and reliability. More information.
 Daniel 3818 Ultrasonic Liquid Flow Meter

Daniel Model 3818 Liquid Ultrasonic Flow Meter
Specifically designed for reducing flow measurement uncertainty throughout the LNG value chain, the 3818 is ideal for marine and offshore applications, including custody transfer, fiscal metering, check metering, allocation and tanker loading / unloading. More information.

Daniel Model 3804 liquid ultrasonic flow meterDaniel Model 3804 Liquid Ultrasonic Flow MeterThis four-path, in-line ultrasonic meter measures transit times of ultrasonic pulses passing through the liquid on four parallel planes. Ideal for applications requiring high accuracy, flow dynamics intelligence, and measurement reliability. More information.
Daniel Model 3812 Liquid Ultrasonic Flow meterDaniel Model 3812 Liquid Ultrasonic Flow MeterAccurate and repeatable two-path ultrasonic flow meter with field replaceable transducers for check metering, allocation, leak detection, line balancing, process measurement and other non-custody transfer applications. More information.
 MeterLink - Advanced Ultrasonic Flow Meter DiagnosticsIdeal for gas and liquid ultrasonic meters, this Windows-based software gives users insight to real-time flow phenomena such as cross-flow and swirl angle, and enables remote diagnoses of flow disturbances. More information.
 Daniel Mark III Electronics - Ultrasonic Flow Meter TransmitterThis scalable electronics platform delivers exceptional low-flow accuracy and linearity throughout calibrated flow range. It improves the speed of managing ultrasonic meters' measurement information, communicating alarms and flow dynamics in seconds. More information.
 Daniel Flow ConditionerDaniel Flow Conditioner

Daniel PROFILER Flow Conditioning Plate minimizes swirl and turbulence as gas flows through it. When installed in a meter tube, the flow conditioner produces a fully developed flow profile downstream of flow obstructions.

Daniel offers flange-mounted flow conditioners. It is recommended to use 17D meter tube with conditioner 7.5D from the orifice plate.  The conditioner can be used as Beta up to 0.67, with any disturbance, in any pipe size and with no upper limit on Reynolds  Number. More information.

For additional information, complete this application data sheet and email to or fax to 978 532 7325.

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