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Cease Fire

  • The leader in pre-engineered fire suppression technology. Cease Fire LLC is a US based manufacturing company dedicated to protecting life and property from fire hazards 24 hours a day.
  • Powder is non-toxic to room occupants.
  • For situations where valuable property would be damaged by water or water is not available.
  • Rapid response, 4-5 seconds
  • Ten year life span
  • Modular system which integrates with other suppression and detection devices

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For additional information, complete this application data sheet and email to or fax to 978 532 7325.

Model Name Maximum Coverage
(cu. ft.)
Minimum Coverage
(Metric) cu/meters
Spec SheetApprovals 
CFF 800 82023.22Spec SheetFM for Total Flood
and Local Applications 
CFCA 100 1002.83Spec Sheet 
CFCA 450 45012.74Spec Sheet 
CFCA 900 90025.49Spec Sheet 
CFCA 1625 162546.01Spec Sheet 
CFCA 1500
Low Profile
150042.48Spec Sheet 
asp-75c 752.12Spec Sheet 
ASP-15 56215.93Spec Sheet 
ASP-20 130036.81Spec Sheet 
Low Profile
130036.81Spec Sheet 
ASP-30 170048.14Spec Sheet 
Low Profile
170048.14Spec Sheet 
ASP-40 218461.84Spec Sheet 
Low Profile 
218461.84Spec Sheet 
ASP-60 327692.77Spec Sheet 
ASP 30 low profile

 CFCA 400

Cease Fire CFF 800 Factory Mutual Approved


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