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ETA Process Instrumentation - Since 1971
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Thermo Fischer Scientific process instrumentation

Thermo Scientific - Flow, Density, and Level Measurement
  • Products for monitoring and control in industrial applications through timely measurement of critical quality and performance attributes.
  • Process instruments designed for accuracy, reliability and ease-of-use.

Flow, Density, and Level Measurement

Flow measurement instrumentation to help customers manage critical processes, including production and distribution, in real time. Benefit from streamlined operational management, increased productivity and lower operating expenses. With all instruments engineered to perform under demanding conditions, highly accurate, reliable performance and a strong return on investment are assured.

Thermo CutPRO Density Gauge 

Gamma Density Gauges 

Thermo KrilPRO Neutron Backscatter Foam Level/Interface 

Gamma Level Gauges 

Thermo Sarasota Gas Density Meters FD900, ID900, PD900 

Gas and Liquid Density Meters

High accuracy density meters allowing density and density related measurements for gases and liquefied gases. For measurement in actual process conditions with a selection, of "in line" and "on line" configurations. 

Thermo DCT7088 Portable Digital Correlation Transit Time Flowmeter 

Liquid Flowmeters

Ultrasonic and turbine flowmeters to accurately measure high viscosity liquids or liquids that contain particulates. Our flowmeters combine digital signal processing with correlation detection methods to provide superior performance under the most demanding conditions. 

Thermo STD 5000 6000 Current to pressure transducers 


Transducers to accurately calculate the variables of process materials. Ensure accuracy and stability of the measurements. 

Thermo SmartView 180 Paperless Data Acquisition System 

Data Acquisition

Thermo's non-intrusive, non-contacting level density systems offer reliable, safe measurement and paperless data acquisition systems streamline critical process data requirements.  

Data acquisition and middleware systems for intuitive, integrated and scalable process data management systems. 


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